Sunday, January 26, 2014

01.20.2014 - more Miracles!

Hey family!!!!  Wow it looks like you had a good birthday week! YAY and thanks for sending the pics of Nic's homecoming!!!! YAY!!  but weird to see him home!! Hahaha

Well it has been another great week here in Shields!! Time is going by WAY to fast!!  I officially hit my 9 month mark. gross. Haha

Went on my first exchange as sister training leader- it was SO MUCH FUN! we went to Stanley and it was a blast!! except for watching them weekly plan-- not going to lie I was bored out of my mind hahahahhaa so Sister Peck and I tried to make it more. . . entertaining. . .. 

So we got a call when I was on exchange- they shut off our boiler- and they need to get a new one- so we are without hot water and heating- so all 4 south shields sisters are living with the gateshead sisters.  yep 6 of us crammed in.  It is a lot of fun- and luckily Sister Neilson and I have the air matress-  but we don't know when we get to move back in. . .. which is not as fun :S  hahaha  adventures-- so we sleep and study there and then take the metro (only about 25 minutes) and work in our area--  luckily the next 2 days I'll be on exchange and Sister Neilson will just be working in gateshead so we don't have to worry about it.
So we had MIRACLES this week!!!  We had zone training meeting and interviews and president instructed- our mission focus is on finding and President is ALL about thinking outside the box new and creative ways to slow people down-- so we applied what he taught us this week and BAM miracle!!

we were walking to the metro to go home the other night and we passed by this man, I said hello- he kept walking clearly not interested- but I was like excuse me we have a question for you- yes- well my friend and I we're volunteers for our church and we are just wondering what makes people happy (it was the weirdest thing that was the ONLY thing I could think of!) and he stops.  everything changed.  He really opened up to us we talked to him for 10 mins.  It turns out he was an alcoholic who had been sober for 2 1/2 years- well the past 2 weeks he started again- long story short we set up a return appointment, we even read a scripture to him- he started tearing up, and he said I feel many prayers coming on tonight- and we were like actually can we pray with you right now- so we prayed with him and it was SO powerful! we got home that night and he had texted us, he thanked us because his spirits were really low that night, he said he had woke up that morning atheist, but he believes in God again- he told us that he isn't sure he can accept our religion and thoughts of God but that he is so grateful for that hope again!!!!!! YAY!  we are SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY

D. is doing amazing! The ward loves him so much and every lesson we have with him members come to!  We had a powerful lesson this week when we taught him the plan of salvation- he said he always knew there was an afterlife but his former church never taught him about before this life, which is something that he wanted to know about! yay!  he is so great- exciting!!!

and another miracle!  S. came to church! so we didn't get to see him this week, we ran into him at the library and talked to him then, it is amazing to see how hard Satan is fighting against him- it was a night and day difference between that visit and the last time we saw him.  So I said S. we have a ride who is going to pick you up before church will we see you then. he agreed, well this happened last week but he actually showed up this week!! he said as soon as he walked through the door all of the pressure that was on him and all of the frustrations he had was lifted off of him!  YAY!!!!

So many miracles!!! :)  I am just loving it here in Shields!!!! We had tea at the Kinghorns last night- they are great!  So funny we were laughing SO hard!  He reminds me so much of you dad! 

AHH I don't have much time- bless zone pday-- :) but I love you all hope that you have a great week!!!!! <3

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