Sunday, January 26, 2014

12.30.2013 - Amazing Ward - blessed to be in South Shields! (lots of pictures)

hi'ya mate you alright?? well it was great to see you all on christmas!!  I want to send pics this week so I won't write as much---

we had such a great week!!!!  On Christmas eve we spent the evening with 4 ladies in the ward and we had such a good time- reading the nativity and singing hymns and sitting around sharing our favorite christmas memories- we were laughing so hard and she made a lot of food- and she had chinese food!! YAY that made me happy- made me think of my chinese peeps.

Christmas was great :) thank you for the camera and skirts and such!!!  and for the paper christmas tree we love love love it!

Boxing day was a pday so at 6 we went out and worked and visited 2 different members, i just love the members in our ward! We have really had so much fun!!!!

We have just had such a good week!  I love south shields! even though it is a lot slower of an area than I am used to-- bless an english area ;)-- but I do love it!

It is amazing the change we have seen in D. and we realized that he started progressing so much once he started reading the book of mormon!  it is amazing the change that has come into his life! and we are just so grateful that we could help him this much!

So my embarrassing story of the week-- we were at tea at this older lady in our ward and I was walking from the kitchen to the table and I tripped and could see myself going down- but i couldn't stop myself!  ahhh the christmas tree was right there- luckily I caught myself on the fire place!  hahaha it could have been bad!  but bless sister morley- she didn't even see it happen! sister Neilson and I were laughing so hard!!!

yesterday we were visiting a member- who is lovely! and i was overwhelmed with a feeling that i was supposed to be here in south shields- it was the most amazing experience and I was just so grateful to be here!!

and ps we get to lie in until 8 on news day-- wow SO BLESSED!!!!!!

whelp i love you loads!

oh pps I got Mel's package- tell her thank you SO much!!  we are using the puzzle tonight and i LOVE the bath and body lotion!!

love you <£ sister monroe

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