Thursday, August 14, 2014

06.30.2014 - Excitement

Hey family! Well this has been a crazy week!!

So Monday we had a lesson with a less active.  She is trying really really hard to give up smoking- and so we have been working with her to create a plan that she can cut back and quit.  We had a really powerful lesson with her and her testimony is really strong!  When we were on the way back we met two amazing people and talked to them both for ages!  This man had been pondering about God and it was ''weird'' that we ran into him and started talking to him, he also said it was ''weird'' that everything we were saying he was wondering about.  Well I've come to see that weird experiences are not just consciences but they are little miracles, little tender mercies!  And I love how every single day we get to see them as missionaries!!

Tuesday. . . oh man. . . so we were contacting all morning and then went to stop by a less active for half an hour.  When we got there she had a fit.  She let us in shut the door and then started throwing things and going crazy. . . .  yep I was scared and didn't know what to do.  She was blocking the door, luckily this lasted only a few minutes and Sister Morris gave her a hug which calmed her down then she was back to normal.   Well she sat me down next to her 5 minutes later she starts to have a seizure. Ya it lasted about 7 minutes.  She came out of it and couldn't talk and I don't know Britain sign language! we called one of her friends! oh my heck it was scary!

Then we had to go in at 4 that day because England was playing in the world cup. Pres made all the missionaries go in an hour before the game.  So we ordered Chinese food and dyed our hair :) it was so fun!!

I love Sis Morris! we get on so good!  She is so fun and chill and we are just having a blast together!

Thursday we saw a drug exchange, after talking to the lady for a while- she said got to go, then a car pulled up they did their drug deal and she ran away. . . . hahaha ya this place is crazy!
But we have had a lot of contacting time this week- so that has been really good!  President always says that the more rejection and opposition we get the more resilient and strong we become.  That's good because England is the first ''post-Christian'' country in the world.  Only 3% of people believe in God- but we have met some great people this week so we have been really blessed!!

Oh I forgot to tell you! The Tour de France comes through Keighley this weekend! In fact our church is cancelled because the road that the church is on is shut down because the cyclist will be going down it! Cool huh! I had no idea that the tour de france started the first part in other countries! Well it is the first time ever that it is in yorkshire and the whole route is in our mission! you should google it you might get to see our chapel!!

Well I'm sorry I'm out of time! But I love you!! Glad to hear everyone is good!!  :) We are happy and working hard here!!!! Seeing blessings all the time! I have really come to see how everything in life and in the mission is about attitude! I read mental toughness by elder ballard and he talked a lot about how successful missionaries are ones who have good attitudes and work hard!  I think that is true in life!!!! As we trust in the Lord and work our best to love the people around us I know that we see miracles and more happiness!!
love you!

<3 Sister Monroe

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