Saturday, March 8, 2014

01.27.2014 -- Back in Flat!

Well we aren't homeless anymore!! After a week and a halfish we got to move back into the flat!!!  It is so great to have a bed!  And the best part is this week for exchanges we are with the other south shield sisters so I don't even have to travel!!! YAY!!!!!!

Well it was a great week!  Exchange in Newcastle!!! whoop whoop!  Got to see my old bishop and B.!!! B. is now back in China so I am SO glad that I got to see him before he went home!!!!!! It was great!  It was weird though but I loved being back!!
We had so many miracles! We have a mission goal to have 20 lessons a week and the rest of our time filled with good finding activities- and so with a day and a half gone in our week I wasn't sure how it would go- but we had so many miracles and ended up having a better week than we have had yet in South Shields! miracles! 

We met with A., and had such a good lesson with him! We gave him a chapel tour and the member we brought with us really connected with him, they have had similar experiences and at the end of the lesson the member started tearing up and was like- I am so grateful to meet you, I feel like God had put you in our path for a reason!  It was powerful :)

Saturday there was a baptism in Newcastle so a member brought us and D., it was a really nice service- the spirit was so strong- we were so grateful to have D. there!  Sadly D. has heard somethings that aren't true about our church- there is a new program out here and it has proven to be a stumbling block with many people--  but we were still able to have a powerful lesson with him tonight, we hope that it helped with the concerns he has!

We took him to the Carrs house- and Robert shared his conversion story and then we talked about God as our loving Heavenly Father, the Atonement and the blessings that come from living the gospel- it was such a great lesson!!!! 

And the rain rain rain came down down down!  Everyone is saying that we are so lucky because there hasn't been any snow yet this winter! Bless! I am so grateful for that!!!!!

Sister Neilson and I have had such a fun week!! I am just loving South Shields!  Its so great!! :)

Whelp love you loads!!!!

<3 Sister Monroe!


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