Saturday, March 8, 2014

02.03.2014 - Life in South Shields is Great!

Cheers!  Hey family! Well we have had another great week here in South Shields!!

So Monday sister Neilson and I went to the Newcastle castle and cathedral-- so beautiful and then we went to the chapel and watched Hercules- so pretty much I was so happy the rest of the day because I love that film!!!!!!!!!!!  We had the best pday ever!!

Then that night and the next day we went on exchange- but it was so beautiful because we went on exchange with the other South Shield sisters :) so I got to stay in my bed!  That really was the best news ever since we have been homeless! :) 

The exchange with Sister Nigido was SO much fun!!! She's the sister from Italy- she is HILARIOUS and we just laughed for 2 days, but we found 2 new investigators and taught a lot of lessons- so good!!  We had a family home evening with a recent convert at Kirsty's house-- I don't think I have ever laughed so much in my life! 

Wednesday I was back with sister Neilson!  and the young women (yep there is only one in our ward) made us tea for personal progress :)

Thursday we had such a busy day!!!  full of lessons and contacting :) our mission is working on finding and making finding fun so we are supposed to try all of these new approaches-  I got to use the Marilyn Monroe approach- and guess what it worked!!!  We talked to this couple for ages! and I have a picture of the family in my Book of Mormon that I carry and I have been showing it to more people- and everyone thinks I look exactly like you mom!  and I have had 3 people ask if you are my older sister, hahaha :)

Friday it rained. . . a lot. . . . but there was still no snow so it was great :)

Saturday there was a baptism in Newcastle so we brought S. and our chinese investigator M. to the baptism- after they had a chinese new year celebration and we had hot pot- it was so good for both M. and S.       M. got to see the huge chinese group and make friends with people he can relate with and S. got to meet more of the YSA- and it was so much fun!  You know how on new years eve you can watch the big party in New York on TV- well they had that but in Chinese and all of these traditional performances- it was so great :)  I love my chinese people :)

 S. is doing so great :)  this week he said that everything we teach him sounds so familiar, like he has learned it all before-- :) and we told him that he has, he got so excited about that.  He also said he will follow the prophet ''until the day he dies'' and that he would do anything to get to the ''top kingdom'' :)  and we read Alma 22 with him with King Lamoni's father-- it was really powerful :)  :) sadly giving up smoking is still really hard for him- but his faith is growing so much!!!!!

We had such a powerful lesson with D. last night- he still has mostly dropped us but we brought our ward mission leader to his house and we had a lesson on how God is our loving Heavenly Father so he gives us rules for our protection- the lesson ended up being 2 hours, bless D.- he can talk for AGES!  But it seriously was one of the most powerful lessons I have ever been in!  You know when the scriptures talk about how the Holy Ghost gives us power and authority and carries our message into the hearts of the people we are teaching- well I witnessed that first hand this week!  I was AMAZING!!! :)

Life in South Shields is great :) Still love it here love being with Sister Neilson :) Life is too good which means something is going to change soon ;)  well I have mission leadership council this week :)

Well I love you and hope you have a great week!

<3 Sister Monroe

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