Sunday, March 30, 2014

03.03.2014 -- Time is going by so fast!

Oh man!  Time is going by so fast!!  I can't even believe it! It is already March! This time last year we were counting down to go on the cruise and the mission and now I am watching the days fly by!!
Well it has been a great week! S, got baptized!! He is doing great :)  He loves the quad, he taped in some of the cards the members gave him when he got baptized, and in the quad he wrote down how he felt when he was baptized so he can always remember those feelings on that day!

When he got in the car Sunday morning, normally he is really tired and looks angry but yesterday he had his white shirt and tie, hair combed and a huge smile on his face :)  I love seeing the change the gospel makes in people!

HUGE miracle, J., the daughter of the less active- well her whole family was there at the baptism! And C. her mom came to church this week and said that she will be there again next week!  That means if she continues to come J. can finally progress towards a day!  Poor J. she has been trying to help her mom come for weeks!!!!  And at the baptism she said I just want that to be me!  It was that cutest thing ever!

Guess what!  I had my first driving lesson this week :) oh ya! It actually wasn't that bad driving on the other side of the road.  Apparently I drive too fast .   .   .   .   . :) whoops ;) but it was just hard driving preparing for the test- the instructor kept getting mad because I was signaling before I checked the mirrors- crossing my hands when I turn and little things like that- but hopefully I can be done with all that soon!

Zone conference was this week!  It was SO good!  I just love president so much! Him and Sister Pilkington gave such great instruction!  We are not going back to Egypt- they talked about never losing our nerve/ confidence.  Sister Peck and I got to do our workout with the sisters, it was really fun! Then we instructed on ways to cope with stress.

THE SUN IS OUT TODAY! what?!  yay!!!!!! So we are going to the beach :) oh ya!!

We went on exchange with Billingham- it was the best exchange I've been on yet! 

Well this week is mission leadership council and we are going on 2 exchanges because we have more sisters than weeks!  haha but it will be great :)

well I love you! glad to see the cruise went well!!

<3 Sister Monroe :)

Soaked from the Rain :(

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