Sunday, March 30, 2014

03.10.2014 -- Life is Great in Shields!

What?!  It is so nice again!!  I don't even know what is going on!!!! 

Oh man such a busy week but it was SO good!

So Monday we went to the beach with the SS sisters :) oh man I just love our flat so much!! I can't believe that I have been with Lybbert and Nigido for so long! And the 4 of us have SO much fun :)  I love love love it!  I can honestly say that some of my very best friends in the whole world have been made here in South Shields!!  And now I have an excuse to go to Canada and Italy, and Idaho too ;) so I'm happy :)

We went on exchange with the Newcastle sisters monday/tuesday.  Sis Holland came here to shields and Peck went down there.  It was such a great couple of days!  We saw SO many miracles!  People let us in when we went knocking, saw some less actives but the best thing was Emma!! So we met E. street contacting last week, she is around 30 and has a 2 year old daughter named J.- oh my goodness the cutest little thing! So we saw her on tuesday- wow powerful lesson!  She is SO prepared!!! Strong belief in God, but has had a hard time lately and hasn't turned to God as much as she knows she should, well her daughter keeps reminding her because she will say Jesus! or Church! and she has known she needs to find a church- but she hasn't been able to find one she really likes.  Then she met us!

oh man!  In that first lesson we sang I Know that My Reedeemer lives.  That is how I know the mission really has changed me- I can go so far out of my comfort zone- singing to strangers?!?!?! what?!?!? well luckily the Spirit was really strong so it was louder than I was ;) hahaha  (ps I've also sang in members houses for spiritual thoughts and at baptisms. ya don't worry it is still the same sis monroe haha)   she was a huge miracle!!!  I love her so much! she is so fun and cute!! Her passion for God is amazing!

That night we went to the Kinghorns :) I love them!  He is so funny, and he reminds me of you dad! 

Wednesday was a very very floggy day- even my driving instructor flogged.  .  . again!! so I found someone new! Sis Deacon made this really good dinner and brought it to the chapel for us and the other sisters and it was so much fun to all be together :)

Thursday was mission leadership council and then after we went to Stanley on exchange.

It was such a good exchange! Oh man Sis Allen is hilarious!!!! I had so much fun with her! She's from Whales and we danced and had fun and saw miracles!!! oh and it snowed!!!! we were walking and then all of the sudden ow!!  it was hailing and snowing!!

Saturday was the day of miracles!!!!!!! oh man I wish I had more time!

We scheduled E.!!  :)  and she came to church :) i think she really enjoyed it!!! J. did for sure!!  and conference is next week!!! she is so excited for that!

J. is doing great! and so is her mom!!! that is what we are so excited for!!!! oh man!!!

Life is great in shields :)

ps after tomorrow I will be legal to drive in England :)  I still have to take my theory and practical test but I have until april to pass it (since I have an american license I can drive for up to a year- then get full uk license) so that is exciting :)

well love you loads! hope you have a great week and pps you still never told me how spence did in bball!!

<3Sis Monroe


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