Sunday, March 30, 2014

03.17.2014 -- Visit with Elder D. Todd Christofferson!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, so much good news this week!!!!

Ok so first of all I PASSED MY THEORY TEST!!!!!!!!!!! whoop whoop!!!  :)

Next—J. PASSED HER BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The highlight this week was stake conference!!  Dad, I remembered you telling me that story about having a snowball fight with Elder Christofferson, and a few other stories and I really wanted to meet him but I didn't think I would get the chance because he is really busy.

So Saturday we arrived early to stake conference to save seats for E. and S. - so I wrote Elder Christofferson a little note just to say the Monroe’s from Tennessee say hello- I told him that I was related to Jimmy and Peggy and that Ricky was my dad- I even threw in Johnny- I told him the snowball fight story and just a hello.  I gave it to President Cawthorn and I didn't think anything about it.  Well a few minutes later President Cawthorn comes up to me and says Sister Monroe follow me and bring your companion.   Oh no I knew where this was going!  We got to talk to him for a while!!  Then he went to get his wife and we talked to both of them!!  He is SO nice!!  Then randomly S. walks up!!! So S. got to shake his hand!!  It was so great!!!  I was so excited- then he gave me and Sister Peck chocolate and said blessings for coming to church ;) haha but he was really funny and we were joking around- I asked him to ask President Monson if Sis Peck and I could extend our missions ;) hahaha

The conference was amazing!  The Spirit was really really strong- oh man get this- in his talk he started talking about this Bishop in a little ward in Tennessee that he was over when he was the stake president.  Then he said Sister Monroe here in the audience it is actually her great-uncle!  Oh man after conference everyone went nuts! All my Newcastle and South Shields family ward members and ALL of the missionaries.  But it was really cool to hear him talk about Johnny!!  It was one of the main points in his talk- he was talking about how this work is for the individual- one by one we bring people into the church. :) 

After the Saturday session, E. loved it so so much, she had felt the spirit so strong and she said I want to meet him!  So she went straight up and shook his hand!  Sis Peck and I were watching from a distance, he was so great to her and she was so touched!!!   When she came back to talk to us she told us all the things she liked about conference and then she said ''and he was talking about Sister Monroe, and I was like OH! that is my sister Monroe!'' and to hear her say that :) oh man it was just the most amazing feeling ever- I felt so honored to have met her! Then she she thanked Sis Peck and myself for helping her get to this point :) I was thinking- oh no thank you!  Really it is no problem at all!  I love her so much she is amazing!

Then the Sunday session, he got to meet J.!  We had 5 less actives there and the Spirit was just so so strong!  E. loved it again and S. did too!!  So after we were taking a zone picture and Elder Burrio (our zone leader) went to ask if Elder Christofferson could come in our pic- but he could not get to him.  So then the zone was like 'send sister monroe!' so I went and asked- his security guard said no there wasn't enough time but he was like yes! so he came out and took a picture with our zone :)  it was so great!!!!  Then he put his arm around me and said tell your family I am asking about them and I say hello!  So family- Elder Christofferson says hello!  And tell Johnny that he was asking about him in particular :) 

I think the highlight of all of that- was hearing an apostle of the Lord testify about our Saviour Jesus Christ.  It was really powerful to hear him say 'I know that my Redeemer lives!'  He didn't use a lot of words to share his testimony, but when he spoke the Spirit was there.  I felt an overwhelmingly peaceful feeling at that conference and it was an amazing experience!!  Also to have E, and S. there! Oh my it was incredible!!!!!!!

E. is just doing amazing!  She loved the relief society activity this week- the whole ward LOVES her! and when we taught her the word of wisdom this week and asked if she would live it she said 'I already am!' She had heard somethings from friends but it was negative so she looked it up herself- then she found that it was from a prophet and she gave up tea and coffee-- she already didn't drink or smoke :) Seriously she is amazing!  Hearing her testify, it is so powerful!!!!

We went on exchange with the South Shield sisters- I went with Sis Lybbert my Canadian bff- it was a good exchange but the highlight was when we went street contacting- alright so some things you should know-- background-- President always talks about making finding fun and interesting and being ourself-- and all the missionaries know I love to dance, always having fun at pday and I taught the whole zone this really fun dance game kind of like signs- well my move is 'the cat-daddy'

So when lybbert and I were contacting we asked this younger lady 25ish if she had ever heard of the cat-daddy, she said no and so we showed her what it was, she loved it! and she is out of town for the next 2 weeks but hopefully the sisters can meet with her and she will get baptized because of it ;)  it was great we were able to talk to her for a really long time- and she got to see we are normal people :)

Whelp I think that is all my highlights this week :)  Love you! have a good week!!

~Sister Monroe
Sister Monroe and Zone with Elder Christofferson

Sister Monroe and Zone with Elder Christofferson

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