Saturday, March 8, 2014

02.18.2014 -- Best week ever (well she has said that the last three weeks)

Oh man best week ever! So this week on exchange we went to Newcastle Uni!!  oh it was the best to be back in my baby area!!! I loved it!  Walking the same streets talking to the chinese!  AHH it was so good!!! So we were there monday-tuesday and since wednesday district meeting is in newcastle anyways we were just going to exchange back then.  Well it started snowing Tuesday night- and bless england, even though it snows every year everything shuts down.  So wednesday morning we got a call that says no busses are running district meeting was cancelled.  .   . So instead we got to watch their weekly planning on wednesday and wait to go back- and we all know that watching weekly planning is like my favourite thing ever.   .   . oh man!  eventually we made it back to south shields! 

Wednesday night it was J’s birthday and she wanted us to stop by, so we went with a member and it was so great- she has 6 little baby bunnies and they were so cute, we brought her a cake and she loved it!

best week ever with S.!  We are bringing different members with us everytime that we teach and it is SO powerful!  One of the lessons we went over the baptismal interview questions and we read scriptures with each one.  So so so powerful!  S. was talking about how the gospel has changed him- and he said that all of his mates and family have been talking about how he has changed a lot but, he hasn't really seen a change until that night when he was talking.  He said whoa- I didn't even realize that I had a testimony but I do!  The member we were with was like S. why don't you move your day up sooner? and S. said well it was God that picked the 28th so I'll stick with that! 

 S. has been the biggest miracle I have seen on my mission!  About 3 months ago we met him- he was this guy who never really smiled, didn't believe in God, heavy smoker.  Well Sunday when he came to church- he came in a white shirt and tie, with his hair combed, smile on his face.  It has been a night and day transformation! It has been a huge miracle!  I feel so blessed to have been here with him!

Thursday the rain POURED down!  it was crazy! oh my goodness!!!  But we are lucky down south they are under like 6 feet of water so really can't complain :) oh and today is so nice I'm not even wearing my coat- England weather is the craziest thing I have ever experienced!! 

So I think I told you about T. and M. last week- they are the ones that live next door to the less active- well we had a great first lesson with them!!!  and they are amazing!! that lesson was also a huge miracle!!! They went to the church once for a funeral and they said that it was unlike anyother church they have been to, they loved it there and it felt happy even though it was a sad time.  They are so golden :)

It was such a fun week with Sister Neilson------- I wish I had more time to write!  AHH but I am just so excited for next transfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

Last night we made the best music video ever!!  And our Italian made us pizza!  Last night was the most fun I have ever had on my mission! And we are almost all staying together again! YAY! 

well love you loads!

<3 Sister Monroe

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