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02.24.2014 -- Cheers Pet (I have officially picked up the Geordie slang)

Cheers pet! That is what everyone says here- sadly I have officially picked up the Geordie slang ''it's lush'' ''right-o flower'' oh man that is what I get for being up in the north for 7 of the almost 9 1/2 months of my mission!  crazy!!  but i love it here!

Another great week here in South Shields!  I love sister Peck, she is so great!! 

Tuesday we had a tea appointment with the Powers- and bless them they invited S. to come!  After we taught about temples and family history.   .  . POWERFUL!! it was so good :)

Wednesday I went on exchange with ''the left overs'' while everyone went to transfer meeting

We went to a less actives house on friday- this little girl was so cute, she really likes to act and dance and we were like 'oh we should get your autograph now!' and she got so excited and was like ok! so one day when she is famous I can say I got her autograph first ;) haha

Saturday was the day of flogging, even my driving instructor flogged.  . oh man that was annoying!  But this week I should be driving for sure! touch wood!!! (ps that's what they say here instead of knock on wood)

So we had quite the experience with S. this week- so he shows up to our lesson on thursday (the day before his interview) I just looked at him and I knew that something wasn't right.  .   well turns out he hit his head really hard on a 2X4 and has this huge goose egg on it and got a concussion.  Well I was really nervous- he just wasn't quite himself.

So friday came and he got interviewed- it was the longest interview of my life!  seriously it was almost an hour!  but he passed :) but then Sunday rolled around. And when we went to get him for church, he wasn't there. uh oh.  And he never came.   .    .   . So in sis peck's last area this happened and the girl didn't end up getting baptized and she was like oh no! I'm cursed!!

Well Sunday evening we went and knocked on his door. He opens it and he looked so so so angry! Well turns out he had been telling his family about the church and they didn't approve. at all! and they went on line and found this website with all of these ''mormon rules''.  Well we were there at his door step for an hour and a half, but it turned into a really powerful lesson! and I ended up giving him the quad early- once again everything changed. He understood that the things he heard weren't true and we challenged him to turn to God because He is the one who we can always trust!  So we have a family home evening with him tonight- hopefully he enjoys it!  But that moment was another one of those 'makes everything else worth it' moments.  To see the complete change that it made in him just that night it was incredible! he was so upset and then he was smiling and laughing.  Just goes to show that the gospel is true and that truth brings us so much joy!!! I love it!  :)

M. and T., well they are doing good :) We had a great lesson with them and taught the first part of the plan of salvation!  :)  They really enjoyed it!  I love watching people's faces light up when we teach them about truth!! :) 

And J. is doing amazing as well!!  We had a great lesson with her mom and hopefully her mom will start coming to church more!

So our zone leaders started this new game, so they sent an answer phone to the zone and challenged sister peck and myself to get 20 people to hold our books of mormon, and once we complete it we get to pass on another challenge.  Well it is actually quite hard!  We were knocking and we ended up talking to this man for quite a while, well when the time was right I was like yes!  This is it! So I held out the book of mormon and said something like- wanna have a look?! and he just stood there, so I awkwardly flip through the pages to show him.  .  . So a little bit later Sister Peck said 'oh that reminds me of one of my favourite scriptures! would you like to read.  . . ' she flips it open- holds it out and he reads it.  . . without touching the BoM.  . oh man!   Well he was just not interested- a football match was on.  

Well zone conference and exchange in Billingham this week! that should be good :)  I love you all! have fun on your cruse!

<3 sister Monroe
Sis Wu is going to York to serve with Sister Ith!!!!!  Oh man- I am a little jealous!

Yummy things we find on the Metro!

my boot broke :( and I was stuck in it for 30 mins ;/

Coloring Sis Lybbert's hair


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