Thursday, August 14, 2014

07.07.2014 -- Interview with President

hey family!!  Well we had a very interesting week!! 

So monday was an amazing day! We had a lesson with C. and her kids!  She is cutting down smoking, and we are trying to start to teach her 12 year old daughter Jessica!  We talked about the Book of Mormon with them and shared our testimonies talked about why it is so important while we made scripture cases out of cereal with them!  So fun! and C. shared her testimony about the Book of Mormon.  We didn't even have to commit them to read because C. said I know that we need to read as a family! So I wrote down good stories for them to read for this week!

Tuesday- best day EVER!! So the zone leaders challenged us to talk to 40 people and if we did then they would get us ice cream.  Well we dominated and talked to over 40 :) we found 2 new investigators- one is named E. the other N. and the best thing ever- Spencer will be so proud. . . so we were waiting to get on a bus to go back home Tuesday night and this guy walks up.  He was wearing a Yankee hat- so of course I had to comment. Well the first miracle was, he actually knew who the yankees were! Most people here in England where the caps but have no idea that they are actually a team! hahaha but the guy was SO excited to hear my American accent! It turns out he is from Aruba and he has been living here the past 18 months!  So we talked the whole way to the bus station! When we got off the bus he had to hurry to work but we asked if we could meet with him again and keep sharing our message!  He said yes and gave us his contact information!! It was so good!!!!!!! He is amazing! and I have talked to him on the phone since, he is a golden investigator!

Well since Tuesday was such an epic day Satan had to fight hard.  Sister Morris tripped off the curb and hurt her foot pretty bad.  We spent all day Wednesday in A&E, all day Thursday in the flat.
Friday we had zone training meeting and interviews in Leeds so we went there and spent the rest of the day in the flat. . . 

Good news I had a great interview with President! He asked me if I came from a good family,  and I said yes the best family ever! and he said I can tell, I really really can tell! so good job mom and dad ;) it was such a good interview though, we talked about how much the mission means to me and he said alright I will give you £1million right now but if I give it to you, you have to erase your mission, it is like it never happened, you won't have the experiences or the memories.  I said no way! I wouldn't do that even for £1 million!  We talked about how it is interesting how that changes, he said I would bet at the beginning of your mission you probably would have took the money, but now you would never take it.  It is so true- I just love the mission SO much and I can't believe how fast time is going!!!!

So I am going crazy in the flat. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .  But we talked to President on Sunday, and she might have to go home- everything is in limbo at the moment.  .  .  It is really sad we get on so good! We are best friends and having so much fun! I don't want her to go home but I don't think I can stay sane if I sit in the flat any longer. . . . . . . . But I am learning patience and charity- it isn't her fault her foot is hurt, so I am taking really good care of her :) and we are trying to make the most of the situation!

I got your package! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it!!

Also it turns out I have anemia, but the doctors put me on a prescription and I am feeling SO SO good!!!! I didn't even realize that it was more than just mission tired that I was feeling, but now I feel amazing!

On the 4th of July Sis Morris wondered what it was like in America, so I drew fireworks and I reenacted Stadium of fire ;) hahaha it was hilarious!  

Well I love you so much! wish me luck for the upcoming week! glad you got to see good ole yorkshire in the tour de france- it was madness here!!!

Love you!!!
<3 Sis Monroe

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