Tuesday, August 26, 2014

08.18.2014 -- "Apple my Pretty?"

Well we have had a good week here in Keighley :)
Yay I am so excited for spencer!! I brought his farewell invite to our district meeting to show everyone :) YAY!
So this week has been crazy!!! We have had so much success knocking!!! We were out in a village and we talked to this old lady for like 20 minutes, we were having a great conversation and she invited us back.  At the end she was like hey would you like an apple?  Well I love apples so I am like oh thanks that is so sweet! As we walked away, all I could think about was Snow White little old lady ''apple my pretty??'' but I ate it anyways :) I figured if there was anytime I would be able to eat random apples from people it is while I am on my mission :) 
Also we were knocking this one street that we felt impressed to knock and in the space of 1 hour we got 4 return appointments!!!  It was the best thing ever! We met amazing people and had amazing conversations!! It was amazing to see how the Lord guided us there! One of the guys is friends with a member in the ward! YES! instant fellowshipper!!!  :)  And another guy we talked to looked just like the actor on the Restoration DVD! And he even said that he is confused right now looking for truth. He said he believes in a higher being but everyone says different things about what is out there so he doesn't know. :)  ''Ask the Missionaries, they can help''' :) it was so exciting!!!!!!!!!
We have also met some CRAZY people! It has been so fun! We were waiting for a bus after a tea appointment and this older guy walks by, obviously drunk... . my favourite type of people. . . . He says to me ''hey are you waiting for the bus''  ''yep, we are. That's why we are standing at the bus stop :)''  he turns to me and says ''hey you should walk into town with me.'' I turn and look at him and say ''Ya, not this time sorry love'' and he says ''I can give you a piggy back ride!'' and I just started laughing and was like ''ok BYE!!'' old drunk men, they are hilarious- but I try to avoid them if possible ;) 
Then we went to the bus station and we weren't sure which bus it was we were supposed to take, so Sister Howard has the map and asks this lady sitting there if it was the right bus.  The lady then starts to cry.  So sister Howard comes back to me, I thought it was sad but pretty funny. Then the lady yells ''I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!'' and I was like oh man what the heck happened!??!  But she was yelling over us at this man, then they start to fight. Classy because there were quite a few people in the bus station. Hahaha it was hilarious!
So we found 2 new investigators this week! One's name is D. and the other is J. :) We also started teaching the daughter of a less active, her name is E. and she is 12 :) what are the odds of that ;)
But ya it has been an exciting week :)
Oh so mom, I have been getting frequent headaches lately and I was wondering if you could send some crystal-light with caffeine in it, the energy one.  I have found the only thing that helps my headaches is caffeine and I am trying really hard to be healthy so I'm trying not to drink too much soda.
Thanks so much! 
good luck to Spencer! I love him!! He is going to do amazing!! 
<3 Sis Monroe 

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