Tuesday, August 26, 2014

08.04.2014 -- Blessed to see so many Miracles!

Hey family! So back in Keighley part 2 :) So far it has been really good!! We have been blessed to see so many miracles!  and guess what!!! SISTER MORRIS IS COMING BACK TOMORROW!! I just got an email from her and I am really hoping she comes back here!!  :)

Ya so we have met SO many potentials!!  We have done a lot of finding since we have been here but the best miracles have happened!
We had a lesson with a less active one evening and we had 30 mins to knock before the lesson, as we were getting close I felt a really subtle feeling that we needed to knock this street, as we were deciding where to start I felt the slightest tug to the left. Well the guy answered the door and he had a huge picture of the Savior on the wall, which by the way is rare- I just found out yesterday that there are more practicing Christians in mainland China then there are in all of Western Europe, crazy huh!
So anyways this guy says oh I'm not interested, but then we got him talking. We ended up having an amazing conversation with him!! We talked for 30 mins about the plan of salvation, he told us to come back on Sunday and we left him with a plan of salvation pamphlet! 
Then we made our way to the less active, and she ended up flogging us. So we were deciding what to do and I looked straight ahead at this one road and I had the strongest desire to knock! So we went and knocked this street and found 2 potentials on it!  One guy said we could come back!
It was a huge testimony builder to me about how the Spirit guides us in our work!! It was very subtle both times but I know that the Spirit guided us to meet them!
Unfortunately both of those potentials flogged us last night, but that ended up being a miracle because we were able to go to a different area and we stopped by one of our former investigators. We read a scripture from 1 Nephi 17 with her about how as we keep the commandments of God, our Savior will be our light and guide us through the wilderness! So we talked about the scriptures. Then we told her about the gospel library app and she was SO excited! She was like help me download it now!!! And she is going to put what we said to the test! She is going to read everyday for a week and see if there is any difference in her life! It was so good!!! :)
Then we went to stop by this really nice guy sister Morris and I had met, he is really involved in his church but he already had a copy of the Book of Mormon so we asked him to read 3 Nephi 11. Well when we got there he let us in. He said he didn't want to talk about religion but that he had some questions for us and wanted us to meet his wife and his daughter. So 2 days after we had met him there was this show that came out called Meet the Mormons, and it is all about Elder Field who is a missionary in our mission now.  So the show is ridiculous, it only shows him crying at the MTC and the interviewer hounds him on questions about garments. . but anyways it has been good because people start talking to us or feel bad for us :) hahaha
So he asked us all of these questions about our missions, did we really not choose where we go? do we pay ourselves? do we really not see our parents for that long? why would you do this?
:) Well David I am so glad you asked! I got to tell him why I CHOSE to come on a mission and how spencer is leaving on one soon! I felt like I needed to testify about prophets so I threw that in there as well.  
We then started talking about family history, I showed him my 'My family' book and my 4 generation chart :) and then we told him about familysearch.org and we talked to them for about 30 minutes :) at the end I thanked them for letting us come in and asked if I could leave them a pic of the Savior, so I gave them one of the pass along cards with the Savior and the articles of faith on back :)  It was really good because he kept saying over and over again how much he appreciated and admired what we did!
So overall good week! It rained SO hard on Saturday!! I was singing Just keep swimming!! :)
Love you so much!
<3 Sister Monroe

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