Tuesday, August 26, 2014

07.14.2014 -- Crazy Week...Sister Leader Trainer again.

Oh man! This week has been INSANE!!! Ok so first off, Monday Sis Morris' foot was really bad so we stayed in the flat all day, luckily we got permission to watch disney films in the flat until pday was over! So we watched monsters university, so cute!  


Tuesday, her foot was still pretty bad. . . But we were able to go into town where she could sit on a bus and I could contact :) We have done that a lot over the past week! It's hilarious because there is this war memorial and a bunch of benches in a square, so I just go bench to bench and talk to people.  A lot of time the same people are out, so me and the taxi drivers, we are best friends!  Pretty sure if we were ever stranded I could call Mohammed and he would come pick us up in his taxi free of charge :) hahaha but no it was good- staying in the flat was kind of making me go CRAZY so any chance I got to talk to someone made me so happy :)


So Wednesday was district meeting in Leeds. And crazy enough there was an emergency transfer so Sister Peck and Sister Kuhn switched places and now Sis Kuhn is in Darlo and Peckie came here!!! Which made me so excited because we were going on exchanges with the sister training leaders this week!! 


So then we went to the doctor and it wasn't good news. . . . . . ;( 

But hey Sister Morris and I have been having so much fun! We were trying to go out when we could and set up appointments to rest her foot.  She is amazing I love her SO much!


So remember I.? The one we met bus contacting with the Yankee hat?! ya we met him on Friday and took him to the chapel! We gave him a chapel tour- it was AMAZING! He said that he has always been drawn to this church and he passes it on the way to work- he said it has always stood out from the other churches.  Sister Morris and I had a powerful lesson! at the end we brought him into the chapel and talked about the Book of Mormon, he said, that makes so much sense! Why wouldn't Jesus visit other people?! :) it was AMAZING! WHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!


So then later on Friday the sisters came for exchanges, I went out with Sister Peck, super crazy being back again!! So then I got a call from President telling me he had just heard word that Sister Morris was clear to go home, so she could let her foot heal, and that he was about to call her. Oh man I was so sad when I heard that :( Then after he had called her he called me back.

ok now sit down. this is where it gets crazy.

So he told me that he wants me to serve with Sister Staheli and Sister Peck in Leeds 1. So I am basically here until the end of the transfer, or until another Sister goes home, so I'm kind of in limbo. . . . He told me I'm a ping pong, so I haven't unpacked my suitcases because we are in week 4 of the transfer, but I am a sister training leader again! and we are going on 2 exchanges next week. So that is exciting! And it is so weird to be in a third area with sister peck! hahahaha weird! we were only away for like 3 weeks! but it is so good! I love being in the big city of Leeds :) I am so so happy :) but I do miss sister Morris so much!!


well glad to hear you are all doing good! I love you lots!!!! 


<3 Sister Monroe! 

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