Tuesday, August 26, 2014

07.21.2014 -- The Church is True! Being a missionary is the best!

Hey family! so glad everyone is happy! I am so so so proud of Spencer!!!! I talk about you a lot over here!!  :)
Hey so there is something you guys can do for me, besides find out when BYU sign ups are :(, so this week during I found these AMAZING videos on LDS.org, you might have seen them before but they are so good, it's the segment called ''Unto all the world'' and it is the videos of the apostles when they are on assignment throughout the world, well they are all about missionary work and they made me so happy so you guys should watch them too!  Actually I really felt like you should, make sure Spencer is there and it would be so great if you could get gramps there as well!! ok so they are all good but there were a lot about England and the Sunderland stake!!!  So you should look up
Perseverance is a Hallmark of Membership in Europe
Building on ancient roots Europe
Noah's Story
They are all in the Unto all the world: travels of the apostles section.  But they not only got me so excited about missionary work but also made me feel so blessed that I get to be a missionary in this great time!!!  And a lot of the people are leaders that I worked with or members I know!! So it is way exciting!!! But I would love it if for like a FHE you watched them!!  as well as another one called ''the gospel in asia''  so good :)
But has been the craziest week of my mission! I just don't even know where it went!!
Monday after Pday we got to go into city center and street contact, the best news ever is that there is a University so every chance Sister Peck and I get we talk to the Chinese people :) it makes me so happy!!!  But we met some really really great people monday night!  We contacted around the uni and met people from China, Mexico, Brazil, and a lot Asian countries as well, I loved it :)
We also have gone on 2 exchanges this week, one with the Leeds 1 Sisters (who are the sisters we live with) and the Leeds 2 Sisters. So much fun!
So Sister Staheli and I went with Sister Dragoti, she is from Albania. Oh man she is so crazy but so good! She got the entire bus talking together and she was testifying about church, that girl is so bold! We were talking to this guy and he said he didn't have any beliefs in God, and she turned to him and said ''you are so blessed to be talking to the missionaries''.  It didn't really change a whole lot what he was thinking about God but Sister Staheli and I had to fight back laughing when she said it.  We also had so many miracles, when we were knocking we were able to set up 3 return appointments with 3 different people for the next day! It was amazing!
When Sister Peck and I went with Sister Scott, we had the biggest miracle ever!  We were knocking and this cute younger lady answered the door we were having a great conversation and I started to testify about the Atonement, she started to cry and she said that is exactly what I need! It turns out she had just lost her son, so we taught about the plan of salvation and she was so grateful!  It was a really powerful experience!!! :) 
Probably the highlight of my week was yesterday, so we decided to help our investigators L. and A. get to church. They have 5 kids all under the age of 9 and they are really energetic kids, they don't have a lot of money so they usually walk everywhere. So we walked to church with them. It took about 45 mins but it was such a powerful experience!  I was walking holding hand with N. and L. two of their kids, and I could just feel the angels around us as we were all walking to the chapel!  It was amazing! and they loved church :) Then a member said she was going to take the whole family back to her house for lunch and then take them home! It was a huge miracle!!!
The church is true! Being a missionary is the best!! Love you lots!!!!!! :)
ps Mission tour is tomorrow so I get to see Sis Neilson and Lybbert! I AM SO EXCITED! :) 
<3 Sis Monroe

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