Tuesday, August 26, 2014

07.29.2014 -- Another exciting week!

Well this has been a great week :)

We got to go to York on Tuesday for a mission tour where Elder and Sister Dyches of the 70 came.
It was really really good!! I loved them!!  Elder Dyches talked about how we have to 'make our own weather in life' and Sister Pilkington talked about how the key to success in this life is learning to listen and follow the Holy Ghost.  It was a powerful day!  I always love those meetings, I feel so empowered as we all come together as missionaries and the Spirit is so strong!
It was also great because I got to see Sisters Neilson, Lybbert, and Nigido! and everyone else from up north :) So I was really really happy!!  :)
This week we went on member splits, I got to go with a university aged recent convert from China, her name is J. We went street contacting and it was the funniest thing in the world!  We met this girl named L., she is from Taiwan, we ended up talking to her for 30 minutes!  She said she has friends back home that are Christian and they are really good examples and always happy, she said she really liked that about them.  Then she said that her friends 'talk to the God, and He helps them to make decisions' and she asked us if God would do that for her too.  It was a really cool experience to have J. there teaching with me and we promised her that God does hear and answer every single one of our prayers!  
We had a ward activity on Saturday and she came to that! It was great!  
Transfer calls came in, and I am going back to Keighley :) with Sister Howard, I don't know who she is I have never met her but it should be good.
One things for sure I am SO sick of packing! It was just this time last transfer I was packing to move from Darlington to Keithley, then a few weeks ago Keithley to Leeds now back again, good job I didn't unpack I've just been living out of my suitcases for the past 3 weeks :)
And good news about Sister Morris's foot, she has the clearance to come back really really soon! So that is exciting!! :) 
Well I love you have fun in Tennessee!!!
<3 Sister Monroe


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