Tuesday, August 26, 2014

08.11.2014 -- Week full of Miracles!

Hey family! Wow sounds like such a good week!!! I am so happy and excited for Spencer!!!! WHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I LOVED the package you sent!!!! I loved how you got to see the Robinsons! They took really good care of me while I was in Darlington <3
Well this week has been great! It has rained a lot!!  and I had to bring my winter coat out again. . . I almost flogged it in Leeds because I was sick of packing! I am so glad that I didn't!!
Well it has been a week full of miracles!  This week I have really learned that there are always 2 ways of looking at things, you can make it miserable or you can look for the good!  And I am choosing to see the good and so even though we got rejected a lot this week, the few investigators we had dropped us, and it rained a ton-- I had the best week ever! I also know that I am more resilient because of rejection :) Really though never been happier!! :)
I got a package with your scrapbook in it! We have met some amazing potentials!  
We were knocking in a village called Silsden and we met this really old man, he was crazy!! He invited us in and gave us a tour of his house. . . . It was the funniest thing ever. He couldn't hear a word we said but he really wanted to show us this figure he had of the Savior on the cross. 
We were knocking yesterday and this guy was like sisters come in! So we were excited and went in. Turns out somehow he has met missionaries before and we were in there for 40 minutes having the best conversation about how we know God is there and about prayer.  He said we could come back and talk about the book of Mormon! :)
Some times I feel like Ammon in Alma 17:13-16 Keighley is a more rough area and a lot of people struggle with the idea of a God.  But ''this is the cause for which I had undertaken the work, that perhaps Sister Howard and I can bring them unto repentance!''
I am doing the Lords work, why wouldn't I be happy :)
Do you remember M. from Darlington?! He is Trish's boyfriend that we were teaching, well he got baptized!! Yay!! and Sister Morris is back in the mission! She is in Leeds B zone, so not too far away!! When she came in President called me and let me talk to her :) I was SO happy!!!!! 
Well good ole Keighley is going to whip me into shape with all the hills that we walk up and down! It is so good :) and we are helping a lot of less active at the minute, as well as always finding new people to teach!
I love you all so much!
Good luck to spence at his farewell! I love you! <3
<3 Sis Monroe


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